About us.

A. Hourshour (Director)

Background Information

He Reigns Prospects Limited is a leading training firm in Nigeria affiliated to HE Reigns Prospects UK Ltd. The company offers staff recruitment services; human capital development training; management consultancy and job outsourcing. The Firm in carrying out its functions create, impart and transmit professional and business knowledge at all levels as relevant to the emerging markets.

He reigns prospects Limited delivers executive training to the top and middle management cadres while offering a wide selection of open-enrolment programmes woven round essential issues in business management, Health and safety and social care services

Our Customised in-company programmes are designed for organisations that need to train large groups of staff in a particular discipline. Executive training at He Reigns Prospects is comprehensive, drawing on experience from multinational and other big companies.

These programmes are highly customised to provide participants with needed information that could help in their work performance, enhance skill improvement and at the same time raised the standard on work delivery.

Core Values

  • Integrity

    Transparency in training activities and being accountable for our actions.

  • Excellence

    Delivering above par performance through skill training and development.

  • Creativity

    Encourage free flow of ideas, appreciate innovation.

  • Passion

    Being enthusiastic and ready to accept responsibility

  • Team Work

    Sharing core values and respecting each other’s opinion and views